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What's New on the DLC: Recessed Troffers

Back in March, we reviewed the history of Highbay fixtures on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) list. Now we will review Recessed Troffers (1x4, 2x2, & 2x4 new fixtures).

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What's New on the DLC: Highbays

As I mentioned in my “What’s New on the DLC” introductory post, I’m going to work my way through the seven categories on the Qualified Products List (QPL). We’ll start with highbays.  Have a look at the chart below. Get familiar with it as you’ll see a lot of them in this blog.

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What’s New on the DLC: An Introduction

What new LED products just came out?
What new LED products are coming out soon?
What trends can we expect with LED fixtures?

I’ll answer those questions and more in my new What’s New on the DLC blog.

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2013 Lighting Industry: A Look Back at My Predictions Part 2

At the beginning of 2013, I boldly made four predictions about the lighting industry and its technology in a blog post. In last week’s post, 2013 Lighting Industry: A Look Back at My Predictions Part 1, I tackled Prediction #1, LED Efficacy. Today, let’s look at how I did with Predictions #2-4.

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